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November 2004



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Announcing the Launch of

"The Local Flavours Products and Services Cooperative
has been created to unite small-scale food producers and processors to enable more local food products to be developed and marketed in BC."
[from SSFPA's press release of November 10, 2004]

A Goal Achieved - With More to Follow

Welcome to a special issue of sound bits providing you with a "virtual launch" of Local Flavours, a brand new products and services co-operative designed for and by small food processors. Local Flavours is the result of countless hours of planning, research, and plain hard work on the part of the Small Scale Food Processor Association. While SSFPA can inform, educate, and encourage, we always knew that something else - a solid business tool - was needed, and this has been a focus since our beginning three years ago.

Details will be released in the next sound bits regarding the Local Flavours membership drive. This will include a timeline and associated fees for business services

Our real-life launch was a media event which took place on November 10, 2004. Below you'll find an outline of the presentations and announcements of that day. Click on the links and you'll learn what was done and said.

So, let's break out the virtual bubbly and introduce Local Flavours!

Where and When was the Media Event?

Date: November 10, 2004

Time :  11:00 am

Place:  Mary Winspear Community Cultural Centre at Sanscha (Corner of Pat Bay Highway and Beacon Avenue, Sidney, BC)

Introducing Local Flavours

SSFPA Co-Chair Pattie Whitehouse introduced Local Flavours to the public. The media kits distributed at the event included these background graphics, outlining the process which has taken place during the last three years to the present day - and which culminated in this media event.

Small Scale Food Processor Association and Local Flavours - Mission, Vision and Values

Local Flavours is a vital outgrowth of SSFPA. The two organizations will continue to be linked, so a discussion of the mission, vision, and values of each was included.

Local Flavours
- A Social Enterprise

The plan developed by the Small Scale Food Processor Association proposes that the SSFPA develop a "social enterprise" in order to meet its business and its social goals. The social enterprise will link the SSFPA, which will have the responsibility of pursuing non-market activities with a Shared-Services for-profit Co-op that will broker and provide services to its members. It is the contention of this plan that by small-scale food processors sharing product development, merchandising, information management and marketing services, costs of doing business will be reduced and margins will increase, thus providing enough “room” to cover costs of the shared infrastructure of a social enterprise (which will be operated by Local Flavours) as well as providing increased revenue to the processor. Specifically, Local Flavours will represent and merchandise small-scale food processors’ products in highly specialized regionally branded niche markets.

This Corporate Chart shows the relationship between SSFPA and Local Flavours.

Local Flavours Service Package Information

One of the first Local Flavours’ member buying club services is a new program for group Medical and Dental Plans. This has been negotiated for businesses with one and two full-time-equivalent employees. The SSFPA and Local Flavours thanks the Co-operators for investing in-kind to build the infrastructure in partnership and for offering a full range of products with Local Flavours membership discounts. Exact costs will be made available during the Local Flavours membership drive.

SSFPA Press Release on the Launch of Local Flavours

"By joining forces to reduce the cost of doing business and entering the market effectively, many producers will be commercially successful. This will create local jobs, reduce the environmental impact that food importing now represents and re-invigorate rural economics." To get more of the "flavour" of our launch day, read the entire SSFPA press release.

Thank You to the Government of Canada ...

Assistance to carry out the extensive developmental work that this initiative requires has been provided by the Government of Canada, Western Economic Diversification, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, and the Co-operative Development Initiative. Read this news release - featuring remarks from Stephen Owen, Minister of Western Economic Diversification and Minister of State (Sport), and from Wayne Easter, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food - explaining why the federal government is investing in "local solutions for local challenges.”

... And Thank You to Coast Capital Savings Credit Union (CCSCU)

Representatives from CCSCO were present to announce their support for Local Flavours by providing funding to enable small producers and processors to access business assistance and financing for their ventures. CCSCU's Assistant Manager of Community Economic Development, Maureen Young, said, "We are pleased to become part of the SSFPA's pilot project on Vancouver Island. Ensuing that entrepreneurs have access to the technical support and financing they need is certainly a critical element in growing this sector."

More details on Coast Capital's business and finance support program will be published in the next issue of sound bits.


We hope you've enjoyed this "virtual launch" of Local Flavours.

Future issues of sound bits will keep you posted on further developments of this exciting venture.



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