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August 2005



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Thanks to the above sponsors for their support of sound bits and Local Flavours Products & Services Co-operative.

Here's to a busy and productive summer for all our members and readers...


News from SSFPA and Local Flavours Products and Services Co-operative

The Small Scale Food Processor Association wishes to introduce and welcome our Board of Directors for 2005. Co-Chairs Godfrey Ferguson and Nelson Barsi; Corporate Secretary Pat Reichert; Treasurer John Plough; and Directors Kika Joy, Herb Theisson, Don Wilde, Kim Stansfield, and Terry Ackerman. We also wish Nelson a speedy recovery from his recent accident.

Read the biographies of our board members in a recent Sound Bites publication. You can learn what they are accomplishing and planning in this Message from the Board of Directors. This also contains news about the Local Flavours Products and Services Co-operative. A membership application for Local Flavours is available on-line.


Thank You to Sandra Mark and Frank Moreland for Sharing Your Tenacity and Vision!

On behalf of the Board of Directors and membership of both Small Scale Food Processor Association and Local Flavours Products and Services Co-operative, the Co-Chairs would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation on so many levels. Our thanks for the vision leading to the establishment of both organizations and the extensive done by you to effect the establishment of these two innovative organizations. The problems of small-scale food processors have existed for years. The two of you orchestrated the expression of that in the Forum of 2001. The next event of setting up a body ultimately known as the SSFPA brought a still-growing number of people with like minds together to make a difference. This body is formed and is making a step toward making the difference. This voice expressing a problem is being heard and heeded.

This was followed by the economic need for conjoining people for stability and marketing strategy so that ALL, so dedicated, can survive successfully. This was envisioned and is being accomplished by the Local Flavours Products and Services Co-operative or LF. Although in its infancy, IF is gathering momentum and force as its potential is recognized and its expression embraced.

A very sincere and heartfelt, "thank you" to Sandra, our founding Executive Director, and Frank, the visionary who inspired us.

From SSFPA Co-Chairs, Godfrey Ferguson and Nelson Barsi

[To read this entire "thank you" letter to Frank and Sandra, go to this edition of our publication, Sound Bites.]

A Crackling Good Time: A Celebration of Local, Farm-Raised Pork, August 27, 2005

Ever wondered how to get the perfect crackling on a pork roast ? How to use the shoulder ( the cheap cut ) of pork? How to cook spareribs that will make you a neighbourhood legend? What to do with ground pork ( soups, Chinese food, make your own sausage meat and breakfast patties)? How to deal with a big ham? How to get the basic lowdown on how to make those wonderful peasant dishes that you may have eaten once and somehow can never forget? How to buy pork and how to keep it? What wines, what ciders, what vegetables?

Renowned cooks and local (in both senses of the word) food promoters James Barber and Bill Jones are planning a session to answer all these questions at Bill’s recently finished commercial kitchen. It is located on Deerholme Farm, in Duncan, BC right in the middle of the best pork country in Canada. This 4-hour workshop will include a 7 course tasting menu with complementary artisan apple ciders, local handcrafted breads and in-season farm-fresh vegetables. It will be a fun ( and filling) occasion, and a rare opportunity to taste and enjoy the best of pork in new and exciting ways.

To register or get directions, contact Deerhole Farm at (250) 748-7450. For more information about the event, read the complete press release which includes an absolutely mouth-watering menu.

Affordable Small Business Seminars

Small Business BC offers a wide variety of affordable - any many free - seminars in Vancouver for small business operators. Check the schedule for August-December. If you are a small food producer/processor, there is almost sure to be something of interest.

Upcoming Analysis of Food Tracking and Traceability

Canadian Foods Safety Management (CFSM) Magazine will feature an article of extreme importance for food processors, large or small, in its fall issue. Tracking and Traceability will ask (and answer) the question: is a traceability program an innovative addition to overall food safety or a barrier to world trade? This issue will be examined for all perspectives: farmers, manufacturers and processors, warehousing and distribution, retail and consumers. CFSM also welcomes advertising support for this important issue. Advertising participation closes August 15, 2005. For more information, contact Shirley McClune or Liz Millar at (604) 538-6074.

Hundred Mile Meals

Read about this innovative new diet, one with an impact - both real and symbolic - on the development of a sustainable, local food sector. Its guidelines are simple, and have nothing to do with counting calories or carbs: eat only what can be produced within a hundred miles of your home.

The Hundred Mile Meal challenge is promoted by Farm Folk/City Folk. An interesting article by someone following the diet can be found in the July 27 issue of Tyee, always a good source for thought-provoking, BC-based news coverage.

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