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March 2005



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SSFPA News - Upcoming Annual General Meeting by Teleconference

The Annual General Meeting for 2004 of the Small Scale Food Processing Association will be held Sunday, April 3. It will take place via an operator-assisted teleconference from 4 to 4:45 pm Pacific Time. It is vital that a quorum of members participate

In order to take part, all SSFPA members are encouraged to contact Candice Appleby either by e-mail or telephone (250-954-3770). All materials needed for the AGM are available on line:

News of Local Flavours Products and Services Cooperative

Local Flavours Membership Information

The following is available on-line:

Non-profit groups are assuming increasingly central roles in the delivery of important services in our society. While non-profit organizations are seeking new ways to generate income and increase their efficiency to meet these challenges and opportunities, many would like to do more with their existing resources. A series of workshops - sponsored by Coast Capital Savings and The Centre for Non Profit Management, in partnership with the University of Victoria’s Centre for Public Sector Studies - is designed to help non-profit organizations increase their resourcefulness and adapt to new demands and opportunities. The workshops are being held in two locations, one on the Lower Mainland and the other on Vancouver Island.

For a fee of just $50, you can learn about the following: Strategic Planning for Non Profits; Financial Stewardship and Responsibility; Fund Development; Effective Communications; and Board Governance and Accountability.

Affordable Small Business Seminars

Small Business BC offers a wide variety of affordable seminars in Vancouver for small business operators. Check the schedule, including "The Basics of Intellectual Property" on April 26 and "Are You Interested In Exporting" on June 9.

You Say Tomato, I Say Hidden Costs of Transport

Locally-grown food is more "green" than organic food, according to a report published in the journal Food Policy. The study found that the transportation of food over long distances -- anywhere outside a 20 km radius -- can cause more harm than the growing of food with non-organic methods. Researchers calculated the hidden costs of farming and food transport and found that the U.K. would save some $4 billion a year in environmental and traffic costs if all food consumed was locally grown, and an additional $2.1 billion a year if all food were grown organically.

The study authors called on supermarkets to label items with the number of "food miles" they travel to get to the store. "The most political act we do on a daily basis is to eat, as our actions affect farms, landscapes, and food businesses," said study coauthor Jules Pretty of the University of Essex.

Canadian Organic Growers, Inc. (COG)

COG is Canada's national membership-based education and networking organization representing farmers, gardeners and consumers in all provinces. It hosts events, works with related organizations, and publishes a quarterly magazine. COG's lending library is the only free mail service organic library in Canada providing members with classic organic texts, periodicals and the latest publications. COG also has a monthly newsletter which is well worth reading.

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