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Article on B.C. Food Diversity

B.C. Food Diversity (an independent section by Mediaplanet to the Province) – this supplement from the Province includes a panel discussion the future of BC's food production industry, including comments by Candice Appleby, Executive Director of the Small Scale Food Processor Association...

Question 1: How can food processors increase the value of their business?
"Farmers, retailers and chefs collaborating on new product ideas that meet consumer demand will be the way of the future. Understanding the issues of all involved requires discussion, then planning and sharing of resources.  These types of relationships are only possible when a level of trust has been established. If a food processor has a steady source of supply and a market channel that is committed to the success of both the processor and the farmer,this makes for a winning combination."

Question 2: What can you or I do to help secure locally produced food for the future?
"Ensure the infrastructure to preserve the food is in place. If we want to ramp up production, we need the  infrastructure in place to handle the increase. Adding warehousing, processing plants, new strategies for distribution and willingness of buyers to not only source local, but collaborate with local businesses to ensure the industry can incrementally add capacity as demand grows for more sustainable options. Get engaged, understand the  issues and then invest—investment funds are a way for the average citizen to participate in the food system. Ask your financial advisor what investment funds are available that provide capital to the local food system. If they don’t know of one, maybe it is time one was set up!"

B.C. Food Diversity (The Province, June 28th 2012):