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An Opportunity For Your Food-Based Business?
Making Healthy Choices More Accessible to the Public

The Healthy Food and Beverage Sales in Recreation Facilities and Local Government Buildings Initiative hosted an industry meeting in May, 2008. Its purpose was to engage the BC food industry and its support systems in making the sale of healthy food and beverages easier and more accessible. Input was provided by staff from the School Guidelines Support Initiative and Healthier Choices in Vending Machines in BC Public Buildings.

BC now has three healthy food and beverage sales (HFBS) initiatives. These are the result of a worldwide trend for healthy food and beverages prompted by disturbing chronic disease projections and associated spiraling health care costs. The new guidelines and programs create business opportunities for food producers, processors, and distributors in BC in meeting what will be growing demand in this province, and beyond our borders. Industry is a key strategic partner in the implementation of the HFBS initiatives - for example in providing healthy snack, food and beverage product options that meet the provincial guidelines.

A great deal of useful information about the HFBS process is available to the public:


"Growing Forward"
The Vision for Canada's Agriculture Sector

For the latest information on research, technology, policies and programs for security of the food system, health of the environment and innovation for growth, click here.


SSFPA Activities Update

To update all members on the activities that have been going on behind the scenes and on the ground by the SSFPA:

  • SSFPA 2010 AGM and Joint Conference Planning Committee - Maureen Drew and Gerry Pattison
  • SSFPA - Food Safety Systems Implementation (Processors) Program - Project Advisory Committee - SSFPA Board of Directors
  • SSFPA Representatives - Industry Advisory Committee Members - Growing Forward Federal and Provincial Management Committee - National Agriculture Policy for 2008-2013 – Greg Reinhart and Candice Appleby ( alternate – Mr. Nelson Barsi )
  • SSFPA Representative and Chair of the Canadian General. Standards Board (CGSB) Organic Committee - Mr. Dag Falck
  • SSFPA Representative - BC Food Processors Health and Safety Council - Safety Program Advisory Committee - Candice Appleby
  • SSFPA Representative - Climate Action Initiative Project Advisory Committee - Dave Connell. Click here to visit the project website.
  • SSFPA Representative – BC Agri-Food Technology & Commercialization Hub/Centre/Network - committee representatives – Mr. Nelson Barsi, Ms. Kalpna Solanki, Candice Appleby
  • SSFPA Representative - Enhancing Capacity of Agriculture and Agri-Food Organizations in BC - Advisory Committee - Candice Appleby
  • SSFPA Representatives: Victoria, BC - The Centre for Non-Timber Resources at Royal Roads University Mews Conference Centre, October 4 and 5, 2008. Shop the Wild - "goods from the woods"
  • SSFPA Representative - An Industry Led National Strategy for Food Safety for Canada Consultation held in Ottawa on February 7,2008 and December 9, 2008 - Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition - Candice Appleby
  • SSFPA Representative - 2nd Annual Conference of Agricultural Co-Op Development Initiative held in Montreal November 27 & 28, 2009 - Candice Appleby
  • SSFPA Member - Anita's Organic Grain and Flour Mill Ltd. - Organized and Hosted Stone Milling Workshop
  • SSFPA Representative - Capital Region Food and Agriculture Initiative Roundtable - Pat Reichert
  • SSFPA - Organized and Hosted two 2010 Opportunities Workshops specifically targeted at Food Processors - Vancouver and Duncan
  • SSFPA Representative and Panellist - Vancouver Island Economic Alliance Summit 2008 - Nanaimo BC - Maureen Drew
  • SSFPA Representatives - Investment Agriculture Foundation 2009 Strategic Planning Session - November 3 and 4, 2008 - Kim Stansfield and Candice Appleby
  • Grocery Showcase West 2008 - The SSFPA Developed a 2010 Opportunities Package to reduce costs for processors displaying at the trade-show. The Province of British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture and Lands provided financial support for this initiative.
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